Javascript for Rubyists

by tokumine

“JavaScript is the only language out there that people think they can program without actually learning it.” – D.Crockford

We’ve all used JavaScript. At least, we’ve all used jQuery to manipulate some part of the DOM. Maybe we think we understand the syntax enough, so we ‘improvise’ when we’re forced to write some. Maybe we’ve tried it a few years ago and ran screaming from this seemingly broken language.

In 2011, JavaScript has a lot to offer once you get past its ‘java-ish’ syntax. The ‘little language that could’ has a rapidly growing, vibrant online community and opens the door to a diverse world of MVC browser based apps, high-speed 2D and 3D graphics and real-time server development. Spending a little time to learn JavaScript will allow you to easily increase the capabilities of your applications in a safe, error free and most of all fun way.

JavaScript is a Lisp at heart. You may be surprised to find parts of Ruby that you love have been hiding out in JavaScript all along, waiting for you to find them.

Want to learn more?
If you want to learn more JS, I recommend (in this order):

  1. Video: Douglas Crockford – The JavaScript Programming Language
  2. Video: Douglas Crockford — Advanced JavaScript
  3. Book: Douglas Crockford – Javascript the good parts

This is a cutdown version of the Javascript portion of the node.js workshop I gave at ConferenciaRails 2011.